Friday, January 1, 2010

Google "I'm feeling lucky" button hit surprised with Wishing New Year 2010!!

You might have saw our previous post about the mysterious "I'm feeling lucky" hit countdown. Now when you hit the button, you will not be able to see any countdown, but will surely surprise you!! Visual Crackers and lightening fireworks all around the Google's Home Page, it seems that the silent Google logo itself is enjoying the New Year with its whole heart!

Its not finish, you can see the Google's New Year Doodle. Awesome!! There's a Creative showing of 2010 in the Doodle which i will explain you.

See the London Tower, where the time is showing 12 o'clock- Entered to 2010 a New Year. In the right-hand side of the tower, you can see the digit "2", now think the clock as "0" and the tower as "1".

We have formed "201", now we need another zero to make it 2010- So, take a look on the right-hand side moon. Lets think it another zero and add it with the three digits we got earlier. Now we got 2010! a New Year.
Why a moon is shown in the New Year Celebration Logo?
Because there was lunar eclipse and the moon seemed as Blue in the New Year Eve. Therefore, the moon was too an attraction in the New Year Eve.

Check Out the above video to see the sparkling fireworks of Google logo in the new year 2010.

Other Search Engines also Celebrated the New Year by changing their Logo Designs. Take a Look of those sites' celebrating logo like Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask and others at SearchEngineLand.
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