Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do Groovle is confusing and sounds like Google?

Groovle is such name which sounds like Google, claimed by Google. But this is the second time, Google lost a domain. Earlier, when it claimed on the Domain name Froogles in 2004, it lost...

Actually, Groovle is a website that allows its users to upload photos, & create a customized online portal.But how such site can be related to Google? According to Arbitrators, Groovle wasn't simple enough to confuse people, and people probably thought of the word "groovy" or "groove" more than Google when they saw Groovle.

"Google never had anything to fear from our website," said founder Jacob Fuller in a statement and The arbitrators' decision that "the two domain names are sufficiently different should put Google at ease and we look forward to a renewed positive relationship with Google."
Do you think that Buying a Domain similar to a Brand name is a wrong decision? Comment, what you think.
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