Friday, May 28, 2010

Google said “Facebook is the Most Popular Website in the World”

Google announced “Facebook is the most popular website in the world”, after releasing its top 1,000 sites in the world. In fact Google didn’t included its own page into the ranking. report : According to Google, which ranked the sites based on unique visitors, Facebook welcomed 540 million unique visitors to its site in April, helping it reach a whopping 35% of all Web users. The company served 570 billion page views during the month, easily besting every other site on the Web.

Google, which didn't include its own page views in the study, said Yahoo was the second-most-visited site in April. It captured 490 million unique visitors and served over 70 billion page views. In third place, Microsoft's domain welcomed 370 million unique visitors and served 39 billion page views.

Google Buzz is now having a ReShare button

Earlier many people had requested Google for a feature like “retweet of twitter” over Google Buzz but now the time came when you will find a ReShare button below your buzz.

This feature made an easy forwarding of the best Buzz to many people at a single click.


How it works? : When a buzzer finds an interesting buzz on its timeline, he/she can immediately “reshare” it to his/her followers along with an automated credit to the real buzzer.

A little change in this buzz reshare in compare to the retweet is that when a friend or follower reshares any of your content, you will be surely given the credit but you will not receive the like & comments over the “reshared” buzz post!!

This Reshare features won’t work for private post and will only work for the public share…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How faster is your Google Chrome?

Did you ever compared the loading speed of your Google Chrome Browser? Is it more faster then a racing car speed?

Racing car speed is very less in compare to the Google chrome loading speed and now it is compared with the potato gun, lightning, and the speed of sound. Ya! you heard it correct, it is now considered little bit faster than potato gun, lightning, and the speed of sound… Want a Proof? Ok, Check out this “Creative Advertisement video of Google Chrome” which shows its speed!!

Save PDF Files is now more easy on Google Docs

Earlier when you wanted to save an important document in your Google Docs account from another hosted Google Docs. You used to download it from there and again upload it to your own account, but now these became an old process… Go ahead with the new one!

Now, just a “single” click can add that document to your own..

Google Docs, recently added a new button “Save in Google Docs” on their Document Preview, which instantly add the “document” to your account. Is that helpful one? Ya, i loved this feature a lot!!

From now, when you will receive any documents on your in Gmail and you want to save it in Google Docs. Just click “View” link and then “Save in Google Docs”.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Blogger Pages Works?

The newly added feature of blogger, which made its users happy. For years, every blogger users were seeking for an about me page but it was not possible at that time but recently blogger users got the option to create pages on their blog.
The pages are limited upto 10 in each blog and i think that it is sufficient.

Earlier to create an about me page, many bloggers used different tricks. but now why to use such tricks?
Blogger Page

Blogger Buzz announced about this new feature of adding page on the blogger blog. Check Out these instructions on how to add Pages to your custom template.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Google Maps Accident!

A Google Maps Help thread reports that Google accidentally removed the send feature to Garmin GPS. Here is an old video that shows how that worked:

(via : seroundtable)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Google is Considered to be the Word of Decade

The American Dialect Society has named “google” the word of the decade and “tweet” the word of the year.
"Notably, “google” is lowercase. It’s not the name of the company; it’s a catch-all term for searching the Internet, whether you use Google, Bing or another search engine. One member of the panel of judges said he thought “blog” would become the word of the decade, but “google” won out in the end." -Mashable

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