Sunday, December 20, 2009

Google Shows that 11 days left for 1.01.2010

The Mysterious Counter of Google showed me the number 987755 when i hit the button "I'm feeling lucky". Similarly when anyone first hit the button without typing any "search: term" gets shocked with this mysterious number. So, to know the secret of the mysterious number you need to do the following calculations and solve the mystery yourself:
  1. Divide the number with 60 to convert it into seconds.
  2. Again do the same, and divide the above result with the 60 to get the number into minutes.
  3. This time the same division process again but the number is different, divide the above resulted minutes with 24 and get the result into hours.

What the hours says?
The hours shows that you are the "resulted" hours away from The New Year 2010. My result came, 11 days and 43 minutes left for the 1.01.2010. The came like : 11.432349537037037037037037037037 .

You can also simplify your calculation by just dividing the displaying "Mysterious Number" with 60x60x24. Therefore, we can say that the "Google Countdown Mystery" is solved!
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