Monday, January 4, 2010

Apple fall from the Google's Logo shows Isaac Newton's Birthday!

I don't think that i had ever saw Google's Logo Animated but today, there is such a unique animated Doodle by Google where an apple fall is shown. This Apple fall is to show respect to the foremost scientific intellects of all time "Isaac newton". The Technology all around is a gift of him and we still follow his theories.

How the Apple falls on the Doodle?
Today's Animated Doodle shows that one of the Apple which is hanging on the logo branch, falls down. Actually, the animation works as a loader and give the viewers a Good impression.

The Concept of the Theme is taken from the Newton's Discovery of "Gravity" force when he was sleeping under a tree and an apple falls on him.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Please let me understood the Newton's Theory again, when the apple falls from tree, why it jump again, which force is this.

  2. lol!! i am quite weak in such theories... but can explain you the Newton's inertia of motion.


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