Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tracking the Flights Live on Google Maps

Its sounds strange that whether tracking an Flying Airplanes live is possible? but its now possible on Google Maps. The Casper has add the brilliant maps tracking system to see the Airplane flying in and out of the Amsterdam Airport. It is now only configured in the Amsterdam Airport but can be "configured for any airport."

The Airplanes are colored to get identified with the name of Airlines to which it belongs but also changes its colors to  show the direction and its altitude change.

You can have the real time track like checking the speed and height by just putting the mouse pointer on the Airplane icon. Again, if you want to check the previous day's flight movement then click the "Replay" button and the Previous day's flight movements of Schipol Airport will be in front of your screen.

The service requires a Flash based browser.

This Tracking of Flights is really interesting but can be dangerous in many ways.
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