Sunday, January 3, 2010

One and half Minute Guide for Search-Based Keywords by Google

Advertisers faced a lot problems in finding the relevant keyword to promote their products in Google Adword. So, Google Adsense has added a minute Search-Based Keywords Guide to help its Advertisers for better impression of their Products.

"Millions of people use Google each day to find products and services by searching on various keywords. This means that by including all keywords that are relevant to your product or service in your campaigns, you can ensure you can ensure that you will reach a greater set of potential customers. To help you do this, you can use the Search-based Keyword Tool to quickly identify relevant keywords which aren't yet included in your AdWords campaigns." says Dan Friedman of Google's Inside AdWords Blog.

Now the Advertiser are free to choose the Collections of Keywords suggested by Google for better search result and impressions.

Take a look of the above one minute video guide to know the Keyword Secret.
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