Sunday, December 27, 2009

Checking Email Quickly from your Google Chrome Browser

You might have tried the different Gmail notifier over your computer to keep you updated about the emails you received but this time all those notifiers will be to fail in front of Google Chrome's new Gmail notifier extension.

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A Small "icon" just after the right side of your URL address bar, can keep you notifying about the emails you received and gives you the quick access to that particular email without entering the inbox page.

The small icons will also show you the number of unread mails you have in your inbox. All these Quick notification will be available to you whenever you are using your Google Chrome Browser and is connected to the internet.

So, no need of opening a different tab or page for the Gmail check and making it more congested. This extension is only for the Gmail Users and the Google Apps Users. Google Apps users can also use this extension by changing configuration from - "Go to wrench > extensions > Google Mail Checker > Options. Enter your Google Apps domain name and press save".

 Add the Gmail Mail Checker extension

I think this new extension of Google Chrome will surely attract the Daily Gmail Checker and even those big organizations, which are using Google Apps. Less time to check emails... :)


  1. Yes this option would certainly attract lot of users. Google chrome badly needs add-on if it has to compete with Firefox.

    I would also suggest a google email notifier software Multi Email Notifier It not only acts as google gmail notifier but is also compatible with Google Apps domains.

  2. Thanks GVK for referring such a useful notifier...
    I think Google is trying its best to Google Chrome better!


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