Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is the Google Guru?

While looking at the Google's Services, a user discovered a new service option called "Google Guru" but it is not existing at the moment. The service link to the URL . According to the deep study, we can predict it a "Question and Answer Site by Google" but earlier there was such service of Google called Google Answer, which later became a paid service and at last, the service got shut down.

Why "Guru" is given to the service name?
Actually, "Guru" is a term used in Indian language and is used to reffer to those person who is having huge knowledge, wisdom and authority in a particular field and he is too sharing his knowledge with others, as a result many people follows him.

So, the "Guru" is given the service name because here the online users can gather knowledges from the wise-users (Gurus). All they need to do is "Ask Question and Recieve the helpful Answers from the wise-users "Gurus".

Did this service started in any other country?
It still didn't came in English but already launched in Thailand. They are got the Guru service of Google with a Green color Question mark "?" over its favicon and the URL is is now live in a Non-English language. The whole site template is in Green Color.

Google is also having another Question Answer service called Google Groups but it didn't touched the daily life of the online users. Lets see this new service can attract the users more than Google Group. We are waiting for the launch of the Google Guru to recieve all our unanswered questions directly from the online Gurus....
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