Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google stepped toward the URL Shortener Services

Since the starting of the Twitter link sharing ideas... Many URL shortener service provider like Bit.ly, tinyurl.com, etc came in force. We are mainly using bit.ly URLs for sharing links and now we will be using goo.gl for sharing links. Unlike bit.ly, is.gd sharing link is not directly open to everyone.

For sharing the attractive goo.gl you need to use Google's Products and Toolbars. Why Google added such a URL shortener service? Actually, twitter is the now considered to be the most populated place over the web with millions of visitors per day and more than 5,000+ tweets in per second. Most of the tweet over the Twitter is consists of links with the very high impressions, so Google is thinking to provide a very Hi-Quality Short URL service the Daily Twitterers who love to tweet the best links.

What are the benefits a Goo.gl URL users get?
Google officially announced the 3 reasons for using its short url service:
Stability – ensuring that the service has very good uptime
Security – protecting users from malware and phishing pages
Speed – fast resolution of short URLs

Whenever we are talking about Google Product, this means its must be something special because Google creates the best over the web, it may be anything- Search, Applications, Software, Operating System.

From the above mentioned 3 reasons i like the Security most because as twitter gaining more audience, it is attacked by a number of phishing, spam, and malwares, which now Google is going to stop with its HiQuality Secure URL Service.

Do this service came in action? Yes, it came in action and i told earlier that it only works on the Products of Google and its Toolbar.

How to add the service to my Twitter?
If you are having a blog and you are using Feedburner, then connect your Twitter account to it for auto-update of your Tweets with the Unique short URL of the Google "Goo.gl".

The Following are the Instructions to set up the Feedburner with the Twitter:
Log in to your Feedburner account.
Go to your feed and then to the "Publicize" option from the Top.
You will find a link "Socialize" over the left sidebar. Enter into it..
There you will find an option called "Add your Twitter account".
First check your needed option and see the Preview of the Tweets and then connect your Twitter account with Google.
After connection, just active it... Its now activate, it all you need to do. Start Using the new URL service of Google "goo.gl".

 You can even add your tag over the Hash text box. It will automatocally create a Tag like #yourtag on your tweets...


  1. Really the URL sharing process of Google is so excellent and i think it is also safe process becoz the three main things are availebel here. these are Stability ,Security and speed.
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  2. Ya... It is totally secured!! i had added it in my Twitter account... It worked nicely. :D

  3. Really it is secured but i think it is also safe process because the three main things are available here. these are Stability ,Security and speed.quran

  4. yaah..finally i got it that URL sharing through Google is fully secured. so many thanks for sharing this reviews.
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