Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google listing Profiles in its Profile Search

Listing yourself on the internet only when someone is searching about you. Its quite hard to make your profile and your information over Google Search but Google gave its effort to introduce you to others by listing your Profile over Google Profile Search. Google Profile Search is a Special Kind of Search to find Profiles of web Users and briefing some text about him.

Screenshot by Google System Blog.

"The next challenge is creating an universal profile attached to a digital identity that gathers and filters all your disparate activities from the web. The move towards OpenID, OAuth, the integration of OpenSocial in Google's properties,"- said by Google System Blog.

Which profile i can list?
You can not list any profile you have on other sites like orkut, Facebook, Twitter and others on the Google Profile Search but you can put them as a link to your other social networking profiles under your Google Profile.

You can only list up your Google profiles on the Google Profile Search. You should fill up all the requirement to qualify for the Profile listing.

How will i create my Google Profile?

Just go to "Google Profile" and create your profile, if you are log in to your google account then Great, it will open in a few moment.

So how do i list my profile?

You should have a full fill up of your profile and the more text you have on your about us space, the more you can make yourself qualify for a good listing in the search of your name.

What benefits i can get?
There's a many benefits on the creating this account.
First, get Good impression over the internet.
Creating a Official Profile of yours if you are a freelancer.
If you are a Blogger, you can easily link your profile from your blog to give your readers a great impression on you.

So, keep your About Us Space very interesting so that the viewers can get a good idea about you web "Karma".
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