Thursday, December 24, 2009

Google Analytics team also wished its Users "Happy Holiday"

As, Google already wished its daily user, so its the time to wish the blogger and webmaster's personally. So, they send emails from the Google Analytics team to all its users, as all of the Google Analytics are mainly used by the blogs and websites. Therefore, it is the best medium to wish those bloggers and webmaster directly!!

I got a wishing mail from Google itself (i showed it up in the earlier post), and now i got an email from the Google Analytics team giving my another wishing!! So, can you believe that i am quite prestigious in front of Google Team.. lol!! i am thinking that i will also be receiving an another wishing from Adsense team, as i am too a publisher of Google Adsense.

Google Analytics team too reached its users through Twitter, as they Tweeted!!

Through email, they informed its users about the new launched of  the Holiday bonus features .
The postcards they created to wish the Webmasters or the Analyitcs users have a theme and a big message- "Up and to the right", telling to go up and up and increase traffic and Grow your site Bigger as you can...

An Awesome design of Google Analytics... Really attractive!! in blue and green showing the Google brand color.


  1. is it from analytics? I thought it is from Adsense.. even i got 1 week back

  2. Ya... Because Adsense still didn't send the Holiday Greetings.


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