Friday, May 28, 2010

Google Buzz is now having a ReShare button

Earlier many people had requested Google for a feature like “retweet of twitter” over Google Buzz but now the time came when you will find a ReShare button below your buzz.

This feature made an easy forwarding of the best Buzz to many people at a single click.


How it works? : When a buzzer finds an interesting buzz on its timeline, he/she can immediately “reshare” it to his/her followers along with an automated credit to the real buzzer.

A little change in this buzz reshare in compare to the retweet is that when a friend or follower reshares any of your content, you will be surely given the credit but you will not receive the like & comments over the “reshared” buzz post!!

This Reshare features won’t work for private post and will only work for the public share…

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