Monday, December 21, 2009

What are Unofficial Blog of Google?

The Unofficial Google Blog means that The Blogs which are written and maintained by the bloggers and are not anyway connected to Google Office. The articles published on an Unofficial Google blog is not written by the Google Officially Staff or is not the direct message of the Official Announcement.

These Unofficial blog are an extra information gathered about Google's new products or services. Like other blog, these blogs writes on the Topic of "Google". They write about all those things, they discover over the Google's Official Blogs or some bloggers perform experiments to write their blog post.

Knowing about Google from an Unofficial Source -Image by Flickr

These types of unofficial blogs, sometimes writes about different sites which are related to Google but which Google Official Blogs don't do because they only writes about everything under the Google Services or products.

Should these Unofficial blog should be trusted?
Ya, i think they can be trusted because they generally don't release the wrong information... They first research about anything new or existing product of google and gather the most real information before writing about it...

There are some Unofficial blogs about Google, which daily shares their news, valuable tips and tricks with its daily readers. The best of them is the GoogleSystem Blog, which is an unofficial blog about Google but daily post very effective writing about Google. According to the Feedburner Stat, this blog is having readers of around 108K readers and which show the number of readers trust that blog.Google System blog started in the year 2005 by William Gibson and in the time period 5 years, it reached to millions of Readers.

Similarly another blog called Blogoscoped, which is the main inspiration of the Google System blog. GoogleSystemBlog wrote over their about me page - "This blog was inspired by Philipp Lenssen's Google Blogoscoped, the best blog about Google, and still exists because of a surprisingly popular April Fool's Day joke."  This blog tells that they share 80 percent of their writings about Google.

Therefore, Google Tasks is another such blog which is written by Arijit Das on daily basis. Arijit is a Pure Google Lover and he is writing about anything he discover online about the Google- it might be any tricks or tips, might be any service provided by Google or might be any new launched product of Google.

Why we gave the name GoogleTasks to our blog?
This is because, we are keeping our eyes on the Google's Daily Tasks and writes about that product to inform the Google users about it.

I think that this brief description about Google Unofficial blog really gave you a basic idea of how Google Official Blogs are different from Unofficial Blogs.


  1. Welcome to the unofficial Google. Google is a Huge Topic for a Blog. I've been spinning around about this: Is it a Violation to webmaster guidelines IF an unofficial Google blog uses Google features (images, screen shot etc) in order to give a complete information for readers?. Thank you...

  2. If you are giving source, then it might not be a Violated As, you are giving right information about the Google Products. I am not sure that whether "an unofficial Google blog uses Google features (images, screen shot etc)" is a violation or not... but you can have screenshots. As, bloggers are free to right about everything...


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