Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Know the timings of the movie you want to watch in this Holiday with Google Movie

As its a Holiday time, no one can stop you to watch movies with special person. But you are very confused about the movies which are running all around your local movie theaters. So, the problem is with the timings and the movies listed and sometimes you are unknown to your local movie theater location.

The same problem occurred with me till i discovered the Google Movie's fast find. Google movie is really fast and effective as it gave me the Quickest information about the movies running in my local areas.

Actually, i was searching for the movie "Avatar", then i found the result most appropriate over the Google Movie Search- showing me the every information that i wanted from the location place till the timings of the show!

The thing that i found more interesting is that, it displays the today's show timing along with an option to see the tomorrow's timings.
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