Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Benefits taking by the selected Google Wave Users

After the invitation of 1,00,000 users to the Google Wave. Hugely benefited some intelligent users. Since users are invited selectively by the Google Wave Team, it became a grand opportunity for them to make value use of it.
Google Wave
The invited Google Wave users are given access to a limited number of invitation and now it is discovered that some using it as a reward over their blog's program and in other way they are taking this Google Product to promote their blog.
Google Wave Invitation
I found a blog, which announcing the invitation of Google's newly launched Google Wave. To qualify for the invitation, the users are asked to contribute richly over the blog by commenting on the posts, retweeting their posts, submitting to the Social Bookmaking sites and other more traffic generating activities. The Secret invitation by the google wave team led to the wrong use of the product.

Even, they too gave the other unregistered users the chance to request for the invitation of the google wave.
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